Appspotr: Build apps quickly and without limitations

Native & PWA Appspotr 3 is here 📱

Our low-code platform lets you create professional business apps quickly and at large scale. No matter how complex your needs, we ensure your toolkit is sharp and ready for the rising and ever-changing demands of the market today.

Speed 🚀

With only two days of onboarding, anyone can create and maintain apps using our online low-code platform. This means your apps will be ready and published in no time, freeing up resources in IT and ensuring quick return on investment.

Agility ↔️

Appspotr allows you to create unique apps which can be scaled up dynamically and updated according to arising needs. As a flexible partner we continually make sure that your integrations work properly and provide you with new functionality for your apps.

Control 🎛️

With Appspotr 3, multifunctional organisations have full, centralized control of their apps. Thanks to the smart interface you get a perfect overview of development, updates and role-specific user groups.

App Version Management

App Version Management is a platform architecture and set of tools that allow control over features and content that are made available to your users.


There are multiple places your apps can fetch and store data. Each has its own purpose.

Logic Blocks

Small pieces of self contained logic that can be combined to suit your use case.